Things to Do to the Massachusetts Squirrel in Your Fireplace

There are times that you will hear strange noises coming from your fireplace. The chattering, rattling, and rustling noise that you are hearing can possibly come from a squirrel. In case your fireplace has been infested with squirrel, you should stay calm. This animal is adept climber and they can easily get through your attic. If this is a baby squirrel, you can be facing a major problem since they can get stuck in your chimney.

What to Do in Case There Is A Springfield Squirrel in Your Chimney?
The Springfield squirrels will destroy the siding and the roofing when they are trying to access our chimney. They may also gnaw the electrical wiring, tear the insulation and bend the vents. This nuisance creature can also damage the gables, fascia, and sidings. The droppings will accumulate that can release a nauseating musk that will permeate all over your house. This will also encourage the spread of Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis.

Give Them an Escape Route
Open the door and window that leads outside while blocking the access to the different areas of your house. You need to remove the things that are blocking the squirrels in the fireplace. You may let them inside your living area and then gradually guide them towards the door that leads outdoor. This is a cost-efficient strategy. In case the squirrel is not injured, then this will be an effective method. Nonetheless, this method will require you to remain calm. Remember that the squirrels will be confused, and they will need guidance.

You also have the option to trap the squirrels when removing them to your fireplace. Keep your fireplace covered and place the live trap inside the fireplace. Be sure to add bait that the animal will find enticing. Monitor your trap since you don’t want the animal to be trapped inside the cage for too long. This method will need a great deal of patience since trapping a squirrel inside the fireplace will present a unique challenge.

Call the Professional Squirrel Remover
In case you are finding it hard to get the squirrels out of your chimney, it is time to hire the support of the squirrel removal specialist. They will first inspect your situation to determine the best way to remove the squirrels trapped in your fireplace. You need to make sure that the company that you are hiring is reputable, trustworthy, experienced, and properly licensed.

Removing the squirrel in your fireplace can be achieved in multiple ways. Installing a chimney cap can help you avoid the animal infestation in your chimney. However, in case the squirrel managed to evade your defenses, you must ensure that the assistance of the professional animal remover is within your reach. They should provide you an efficient and humane way to remove the creature from your property. They have the experience and the equipment needed to eliminate the culprit of the animal infestation and prevent the recurring infestation from happening.

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