Will Massachusetts Rodents Feel Pain

Springfield rodents such as rats and mice are favorite subject on laboratories. Around 100 million of their kinds are being killed in the laboratories around the US annually. They will be subjected to different experiments that will induce depression, anxiety, helplessness, and terror. They have been shocked intentionally to help on pain studies. Their body has been mutilated as a part of a surgical experiment. Since they are subjected to these tortures, you are probably wondering if rodents will experience pain.

Rodents Do Feel Pain
Springfield rats will of course feel pain just like your beloved cats and dogs. They are mammals that are equipped with a complete sensory system that makes them sensitive to pain. In one study, it even suggests that this animal can also feel the pain and suffering of their fellow rodent. Since most rodents are social creature, they will be spending time with each other. This can encourage the development of their emotional attachment among the members of the colony.

Releasing the Rat in the Cage
A study was conducted on rats to determine how it will react if it was let out of a cage. According to the result, the stimulus that was shown by the rats is like a kid that has given with a delicious bar of chocolate. Since the cage trap is pretty cramped, the movement of the rat will be restrained. The study shows how the animal can process complex emotion.

Rats in the Laboratories
When the scientists are using rats as part of their experiment, they need to make sure that it will involve the lowest amount of pain. Some of the experiments in the lab will include pain. The researchers will need to take the necessary precautions to guarantee that the poor creature will experience the minimal amount of pain. There is a law in the US that states how the animal in the lab should be used. According to the guidelines, the lab animal will need enough space to live. They should also receive ample amount of sustenance. In case the experiment will include pain, they will be required to induce painkillers on the rodent. If the rats will be subjected through a surgical experiment, an anesthesia should be administered. For the rodents that are injured or sick and can no longer be rehabilitated, the researchers will be tasked to end the life of the rodents humanely.

Justifying the Use
When you will use a rodent on a lab, you will need to justify the use of the rodent. An experiment protocol will need to be submitted at the right agency before you will be given such rights. Inside the experiment protocol, you will be asked to highlight the reasons why the experiment cannot proceed without the use of the rodents. These policies are being given in order to avoid the unnecessary suffering of the rodent. This is an undeniable proof that rodents will experience pain. If these rodents are not experiencing any pain, the government will not waste their time in enacting policies and protocols that will protect them. When you are working with rodents, understand that like human, they can also feel pain.

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