Things That Attract Opossums

Massachussets Opossums are perhaps considered a pest but they can also deliver a range of benefits such as controlling the presence of the insects in our yard. They are non-aggressive but they have the habit of rummaging our trash thus creating a mess. They can also establish their nest under the shed or porch and may raid our chicken coop. You are probably not aware that there are elements in your house that can attract their attention. Eliminating or reducing the attractants will make your house less-tempting to the opossum

What Attracts Springfield Opossum
As most of the natural habitat of the Springfield opossum reduce due to urbanization, they are much likely to invade our house. It will be difficult for this creature to resist your property if there are things that will attract them such as:

Feeding Station
The feeding station of the opossum can be the bowl of your pet or the trashcan in your yard. Since the opossums are omnivores, they will be enjoying different treats but they still love the taste of meaty foods such as the pet food. This animal can also be attracted to the junk food though it is not good for their health. To keep them off your property, you should feed your pet indoors. Feeding the opossums will serve as an invitation to them. The animal can also receive their sustenance from the plants in your yard. Strategic planting by choosing the plants that they don’t love to eat will reduce their presence in your yard.

Safe Area
Possums will look for a nesting area that will keep them safe from the predators. Since they do not have a true defense against their attack, they will rather look for a concealed space that is away from the reach of their enemy. This may include the space underneath your porch or shed. By introducing barriers on the space below your house, you can prevent them from constructing their nest on that area.

Presence of Insects
Aside from the leftovers and the pet food, the opossum can also be attracted to our property if there are insects in our yard. They love to eat the grubs and worms. By using insect repellent that will reduce the insects in your yard, your house will become less desirable to them. Avoid using chemical solutions when treating the insect infestation since this can cause negative effects to your health. You can also end up contaminating your soil and water source.

Once the opossum builds a burrow in our yard, expect that they will be staying there for a while. Fortunately, they will have to change their den for a couple of times to remain safe. If you cannot wait for them to leave your property on their own accord, reduce the things that can attract them. You can also seek the help of the professional if things become too complicated. Remember that opossums are docile creature and will rather flee than to confront the danger. Using a humane solution would be the recommended method to solve your problem.

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